PowerStats - managing associations' industry data

by PowerStats Limited

Turn-key solution for associations to collect, manage and visualize industry data from their members

PowerStats is an intelligent platform that will enable your trade body - be it an Association, Society, Institute, Organization, Council or College - to effortlessly collect, manage and visualize industry data from your members.

It is a trusted-intermediary, turn-key solution that requires virtually no input from your team to maintain once up and running. Each of your members is presented with their personal, confidential dashboard where they can easily upload their data each month and view their live reports - while your dashboard displays total and anonymised industry views.

An instance of PowerStats is uniquely configured for each industry we work with – after all, each industry needs to measure different Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and segment their industry data in a unique way. Compared to other data visualization systems that require a week of training to learn the basics, PowerStats is highly intuitive and requires no training whatsoever. This means that anyone in your team, from the administrator to a membership services officer to a general manager, can leverage its power and run the industry data project with minimal effort.

The types of data trade bodies can collect with PowerStats are unlimited, but are generally categorized into two types:

Market Share and Industry Size Data

  • Participants get near-real-time feedback on their market share, and gain the ability to generate industry reports for board-presentations with a few clicks
  • Trade body and participants both gain near-real-time visibility over the industry dynamics, like size, make-up and geographical spread, allowing them to make better business decisions, faster
  • Trade body gains the vital ability to lobby members’ interests in a data-driven manner

Benchmarking Data

  • Participant contribute selected performance data that is comparable across their peers (e.g. revenue, headcount, financial metrics like COGS and overheads, waste, asset utilization, etc)
  • PowerStats collates and automatically publishes industry benchmarks
  • Participants gain an immediate understanding of strong and weak areas of their operations
  • Trade body – or trusted third party consultants – gain the ability to position themselves as thought leaders and provide commentary, advice and services to improve the participant’s performance based on indisputable, real-time industry benchmarks

PowerStats provides turn-key solutions for trade bodies to scope, co-design, launch and maintain industry-wide data collection and management projects.

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