Printix Cloud Print Management ApS

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Modern Workplace Print Management for Enterprise, Mobility and Security.

Printix is a cost-effective SaaS business solution enabling cloud management and support of your office, BYOD, mobile and remote user printing needs.

Printix has leveraged cloud technology and Microsoft Azure AD integration to bring modern print management to the cloud quickly, efficiently and inexpensively. Replicating your on-premise print environment and print server configurations in the cloud, Printix enables you to remove print servers and complete your cloud migration simply and with no disruption to users. Now you can implement a true cloud-based workplace based on Office 365 and benefit from flexible, reliable and secure printing.

List Price: $1.99/month/user.

Enterprise - request quote.

Educational - Free for Students.

Top Reasons to use Printix:

  • Remove the need for print servers
  • Substantially reduce print infrastructure and IT admin costs
  • Align and integrate printing into your Office 365 cloud strategy
  • Ensure high performance, reliable printing for all users, simply
  • Support desktop, BYOD, mobile and remote worker printing

Cloud-based print infrastructure, automation and control

  • Support desktop, BYOD, mobile and remote worker printing
  • Automatically installs print drivers
  • Automatically creates print queues
  • Unlimited users, unlimited printers
  • Central dashboard control and management
  • Easy client deployment through Microsoft Intune
  • Software automatically updated with fixes and feature enhancements
  • Unlimited scaling at no extra cost
  • Provides enhanced information security and compliance

Cloud managed printing

  • Print anywhere, from any device to any network printer
  • Secure print release of confidential documents via smartphone authentication
  • Provides data to base future print related decisions