ATELIER - Back Office


ATELIER - Back Office is an omnichannel set for your stores, websites and marketplace connections

ATELIER - Back Office allows users to manage the entire retail flow in the cloud with a single, modular tool and cloud services.

The ATELIER solution is installed on Azure to which you can connect with maximum performance and security and operate by guaranteeing the real-time management of your processes:

  • ERP features, entry of orders and deliveries are simple and intuitive
  • Advanced features to manage any warehouse operations and transfers
  • Dedicated interfaces enable the operator to obtain a centralised overview of the warehouses and allow detail levels to be analysed for each item, shop and online channel.
  • A unique product sheet, with the extended classification, description fields, multiple languages and photo gallery
  • Omnichannel strategy towards your own websites and more than 80 fashion marketplaces
  • Extended set to manage points of sales, all types of handling, in addition to simple sales operations (reservations, tailoring, loyalty & gift card, customer returns) and integrations with cash registers, tax-free providers, electronic receipts and invoicing.
  • CRM functions to profile customers and develop dedicated discount campaigns, targeted newsletters, text messages and more
  • Business intelligence section for the creation of millions of reports with customisable layouts and the Microsoft Power BI app, which allows users to perform fundamental analyses in real time

The user options can be customized allowing the Back Office to be used by all members of a company: owners and C-levels, IT managers, sales managers, Warehouse staff, store managers and more.

The richness and scope of ATELIER’s features deliver the following advantages:

  • Ease of use and facilitated training
  • Cost-effective; no local hardware required
  • All online and offline channels are managed from a single interface
  • Unlimited marketplaces can be accessed
  • Fully integrated e-commerce sites
  • Complete control of all warehouses and shops
  • Innovative management of increasingly interconnected stores

ATELIER - Back Office is available in Italian, English, French and Spanish.

Unlike competitors, ATELIER Backoffice provides a single and centralized interface which allows you to manage the entire flow from production and accounting, to logistics and sales throughout the store network, together with publication on online channels and on unlimited Marketplaces.

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