SEAtS Student Learning Analytics Solution

by SEAtS Software

Live Dashboard with key student academic progress, retention, and well-being lead indicators

SEAtS help institutions obtain the actionable data insights needed to graduate more students faster, and with better outcomes. SEAtS Student Engagement Learning Analytics has helped clients to see double digit increases in student achievement/ progression for students who received student support.

SEAtS Learning Analytics on Microsoft Marketplace transforms campus data into actionable insights with all the tools you need to collect, connect, analyze and report on student progress – whether you want to identify students in need of immediate help, identify critical early interventions, boost retention rates, personalize learning, or plan for the future.


Key Features

Out of the Box integrations: SEAtS have live LTI powered connectors for leading LMS systems including Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle etc. SEAtS Native API's can onboard data from over seventy other campus systems including Turnitin, Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, and more.
Single Student Success Score: Track student engagement and wellbeing lead indicators, such as last seen online and LMS activity, submissions, and grades. Collate these data points into a Single Student Success Score. The result is a personalised view of engagement, retention, and achievement for every student. 
Workflows: Use automated workflows that tailor student communications based on their student success, retention, wellbeing, and progression scores. Trigger messaging to prompt behavioural change, offer targeted help or open case for potential wellbeing issues before it is too late.
Data Visualisation: Visualize and drill into an easy-to-understand statistical score (0-1000) for each student. Then drill into underlying data signal scores to surface latent issues. 

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