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Sectigo Azure Key Vault Integration

Sectigo Limited

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Azure Key Vault Integration with complete certificate management solution from Sectigo.

Many enterprise cloud applications are tightly integrated with the Microsoft Azure Key Vault to store and manage passwords, credentials, and certificates. Security teams need a certificate lifecycle management solution that can: • Integrate natively with the Azure Key Vault • Issue all needed certificates • Work transparently through a single pane of glass Maintain your Microsoft IT infrastructure and still have the flexibility to use cloud-based, on-premise, or hybrid cloud/on-prem approaches for issuing and managing both private and public certificates. Leveraging Sectigo Certificate Manager for Azure Key Vault enables your security team to store and manage certificates in Azure Key Vault for applications running on Microsoft Azure while benefitting from: • Public-facing certificates. Issue all the certificates you need: certificates for any public-facing applications like web servers, load balancers, API gateways, Adobe document signing certificates that are stored in Azure Key Vault’s hardware Security Module (HSM) solution, and private certificates from Sectigo as a third-party CA. • Adobe document signing. Adobe requires that keys are stored in a cloud HSM like Azure Key Vault. Sectigo is the first CA to meet that requirement with Key Vault through a native integration. • Automated certificate deployment. Cloud applications consume certificates automatically using Microsoft Key Vault so that you don’t have to manually issue, revoke/replace, or renew certificates. The applications request authentication, digital signature, or encryption by the key stored in the Key Vault HSM. • Scalable certificate issuance. Whether your applications require hundreds, thousands, or millions of certificates, Sectigo Certificate Manager lets you issue them in an automated manner directly through Azure Key Vault, minimizing the hassle for your security team. • Transparent certificate lifecycle management. With Sectigo Certificate Management for Azure Key Vault, certificates are automatically renewed and replaced, so users can enjoy seamless device access. In addition, if the keys have been compromised due to an Azure Key Vault deficiency or advancements in quantum computers, the administrator can force the early renewal to a cryptographically stronger certificate and key. Certificate lifecycle is managed entirely through Azure Key Vault so that you don’t have to manage multiple certificate management portals. • Enhanced visibility and reporting. Sectigo’s native integration with Azure Key Vault lets you view the status of the certificates in use through a single pane of glass, so you can see expiration dates and minimize or eliminate service disruptions for both public and private certificates.