Sitecore® Experience Platform™


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Easily craft, test, analyse, and optimize experiences in context, in real-time, across any channel.

Sitecore Experience® Platform™ (XP) empowers marketers with comprehensive digital marketing tools, a holistic view of customer needs, and machine learning-generated insights—all of which deliver highly effective personalized experiences. And by deploying on Microsoft Azure, you get to market faster with lower TCO.

Versatile Digital Marketing

Whether used as a full digital marketing platform or integrated with other complementary best-of-breed solutions, Sitecore XP offers marketers and developers the freedom, flexibility, and speed to simply and effectively engage with customers.

Rich Data, Smart Insights

Sitecore XP uniquely collects and connects real-time customer data and interactions from all campaigns, sources, and third-party systems over time; stores them in the Sitecore® Experience Database™ (xDB); then generates real-time actionable insights with Sitecore Cortex™ machine learning for high-impact results.

Ready for any Channel

Sitecore XP delivers personalized experiences across the channels of today—including headless—and scales to support the channels of tomorrow, from social, web, and mobile to point-of-sale, kiosks, IoT, AR, VR, and mixed reality.

If you would like to learn about how to develop for the Sitecore Experience Platform, please join our Developer Trial Program ( After you request access you will receive a 60-day trial license, access to our software, and information on how to get started.

You can learn about:

  • Working with Sitecore APIs and the Helix framework
  • Sitecore development recommended practices
  • Implementation and extensibility of the Sitecore platform

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