Aims SaaS

by Solum

Electronic shelf label management software for the ESL called Newton by Solum.

[Aims SaaS Benefits]

Quick Implementation

The subscription model of Aims SaaS means you just have to pay the subscription fee - no need to install and configure individual machines and 3rd party cloud environments, so you can experience its value way sooner than you think.

Cost Savings

With Aims SaaS, you are not required to invest and maintain your own data center nor store server to manage your ESLs – all you need to do is to install the gateway, put the ESLs in place, and get a hosting service from SOLUM.

Automatic Scalability

With Aims SaaS, there is no waste or loss of resource or opportunity as we automatically scale the server resources depending on the daily traffic, so you’ll just pay the minimum subscription fee as your usage decreases.

Improved Sustainability

By leveraging Aims SaaS, you can reap green benefits while transforming your business processes. By eliminating the need for on-premise systems, you can achieve reduced energy consumption and carbon footprints compared to traditional solutions.

Seamless Upgrades

We will manage software updates and upgrades for you, eliminating the need to install or download patches. Rest assured that you will always have the most up-to-date Aims software.

[Aims SaaS Security]

Security is an important factor when moving to the Cloud. That’s why we make sure that our software is bolstered with all the necessary security measures and controls that will ensure your important business data are safe from potential threats.

API Authentication and Authorization

  • Authenticate calls to the API to registered users only
  • Track who is making the requests
  • Track usage of the API - Block or throttle any requester who exceeds the rate limits
  • Apply different permission levels to different users

Application Security Based on HTTPS

  • Web communication based on HTTPS
  • Use public SSL certificates (not self-signed certificates)
  • Block week hashing algorithm
  • Periodic vulnerability check (using Nessus)


  • All information is stored in Azure storage and Azure SQL Database
  • Both encrypt data at rest by default using Azure Disk Encryption

Logging and Auditing

  • All logging data is stored in the internal location. Retention period is configurable

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