VivaVoice Pilot Program

by Soundbite

Enterprise audio that gives you 100% more engagement in 90% less time when you share Soundbites

Soundbite solves the "we spend so much time creating content and realize so little meaningful engagement" problem.

Audio adoption is on a meteoric rise. Create better engagement with authentic audio messages to the apps employees love.

Soundbite VivaVoice is the secure audio platform for internal communications, customer experience, and collaboration teams.  We enable the use of short form Soundbites and longer form podcast recordings to communicate better.

For example: Internal communications teams use Soundbite for internal news, updates, policy communications, learning and development, and more that meet people where they work without the need for another end user software application.

Why pilot Soundbite

  1. Streamline communications processes and see detailed results – Soundbites require 90% less time to produce than email and video and are engaged better than both.
  2. Meet people where they work – Create once and Soundbite automatically publishes to wherever you have a Soundbite widget.  Listen to Soundbites while working on any device and in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and any other application where work gets done.
  3. Customer Success Modeled – Our innovative consumption model is driven by customer success and analytics.  Only pay for the value you create and let Soundbite provide you the data that helps you communicate better.

At a glance