SysKit Monitor

by SysKit

An Enterprise Server Monitoring and Administration Tool.

SysKit Monitor is an enterprise server monitoring & administration tool that comes as a web and desktop application. It's made for system admins for SharePoint, SQL, Windows Servers, Citrix and any other server type.

Monitor tracks the performance of all your servers and workstations and detects each server’s role – SQL, IIS, and SharePoint. You can set up email alerts for specific performance counters and receive intelligent notifications ranked by priority. 
With Monitor's user activity tracking, you can see how much time users spend in each state (active, idle, or disconnected) and how much network traffic they use. This helps make billing reports with actual working hours. You can monitor remote work sessions and in-house activity to detect the most active or idle users. You can track real-time user connections, compare them to historic data and check if there are any inconsistencies. 
Monitor’s application usage reports track the most used applications and detect which users use which applications. They show how many applications are simultaneously used and help predict server performance degradation. Application performance can be tracked in real time and compared with historic data. You can pinpoint performance bottlenecks and anticipate future problems.
SysKit Monitor crawls your system and gathers all server data, such as information on hard drives, processors, programs, and security updates. Admins can export the server documentation and use it as a baseline for configuring other servers. 
Monitor gathers all information about failed logons such as server name, domain name, and the IP address to help admins detect any threat in time. You can also audit servers to see who is accessing sensitive files and modifying sensitive data.

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