Alma Mater ePortfolio

by Techmien Corp.

For Schools of Art & Design to host students' portfolios and showcase them in virtual exhibitions.

Alma Mater ePortfolio is a white label managed SaaS application that enables Schools of Art and Design to offer a branded virtual portfolio service to its students, graduates and alumni.

ePortfolio provides value in three areas:
    • Helps students build up their portfolio throughout their studies, supporting curricula to gain business and entrepreneurial skills.
    • Complements virtual or in-person exhibitions and galleries for potential sales or employment.
    • Keeps alumni connected with their alma mater, by providing them a valuable service after they graduate and embark in their careers.

Key features for the school:
    • Automatically generates branded online exhibitions showcasing students and their works, works for sale, featured students, events.
    • Facilitates the management of key processes, such as student selection and invitation, content vetting, curation, and public activation.
    • Multiple exhibitions can be scheduled and managed independently.
    • Supports organizational roles, including System Administrator, Exhibition Manager, and Artist/Designer.
    • Organizes students by Faculty and Program.
    • Collects and presents detailed traffic analytics for system and by exhibition, for each artist profile, collection, and work.
    • Automatically generates and manages QR Codes and NFC short URLs for Exhibition, facilitating the use of smart-posters and smartcards.
Key features of the artist/designer:
    • Each artist/designer can create a personal Profile and detailed CV, upload Works, and curate multiple Collections.
    • Works content may include detailed description, images, videos, audio, PDF documents, and more.
    • Collects and displays individual traffic analytics for Profile, Collections and Works, and by Exhibition.
    • Automatically generates and manages QR Codes and NFC short URLs for Profile, Collection and Work, facilitating the use of personalized smart-posters and smartcards.
    • Connects and integrates with other repositories or eCommerce tools.

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