Thing-it Smart Building and Workplace Platform


Space management and workplace experience integrated with Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Power BI

Do you have to manage hybrid work and ESG on an enterprise scale? Thing-it transforms outdated office spaces into efficient and sustainable work environments.

Key Benefits

With Thing-it you can easily:
  • Rightsize your office space portfolio to the paradigm shift introduced by hybrid work.
  • Support your employees coming 'back to the office' in a hybrid work environment with the best possible on-site workplace experience and frictionless use of the available space.
  • Meet your company's ESG requirements regarding energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions, employee wellbeing and more.

Key Features

The Thing-it mobile app offers features like:
  • Desk and space booking
  • Personal storage booking and access
  • Parking and e-charging booking and access
  • Indoor positioning
  • Indoor and outdoor wayfinding and people finding
  • Point-of-Interest (coffee machine, printer etc.) finding with map and floorplan overview
  • Occupancy and booking visualization for desks, meeting rooms, parking lots and more
  • Catering and service orders
  • Incident management
  • Room control (lighting, temperature, shades etc.)
  • Chat
  • Wiki
Thing-it connects to all technology in your buildings such as:
  • Building management systems.
  • Access control systems, elevators and lockers.
  • Parking sensors and gateways.
  • Occupancy, people count and indoor climate sensors.
  • Lighting systems.
Thing-it is technology agnostic and prepared for your future technology decisions and possibly varying hardware and software setups over multiple sites.

Tightly integrated with the Microsoft world

Our integration with Microsoft products leverages all of your existing investments and provides a seamless experience for your employees.
Bookings and events on Thing-it are seamlessly synchronized with Microsoft 365, which e.g. allows you to free up meeting rooms in case of sensor-detected no-shows.
In addition to mobile app and digital signage panels users can find and book meeting rooms, desks and parking lots via a Microsoft Outlook Add-in as well as submitting catering orders for their events.
All login flows go through Microsoft Azure Active Directory.
Our mobile app can be easily distributed via Microsoft Intune.

Powerful analytics services

Thing-it enables you to make informed decisions based on data involving workplace and building service use.
Sensors metrics and booking and service data are including:
  • Occupancy and people count data.
  • Space, desk, parking and locker booking data.
  • Indoor climate data such as CO2, VOC and noise.
  • Incident data.
  • Catering and service order data.
All data are aggregated into a rich real-estate data analytics cube ready to be consumed via Microsoft Power BI for reports and dashboards for all of your stakeholders in corporate real estate management, workplace and facility management and for your executive decision makers.
Specific Microsoft Power BI Visuals can be installed to display animated floor heatmaps helping all of your stakeholders to observe how spaces and services at your corporate sites are used over time.

Ready for the enterprise

With our ISO 27001 certification, DSGVO support, connectivity to corporate systems (e.g. ERP, CAFM) via business process management and open APIs and standards support, we are a natural fit for your enterprise-level requirements.
Thing-it works transparently across your globally distributed sites, and our hardware and integration partners can help with global installations of selected hardware such as occupancy or peoplecount sensors or connectivity to existing building infrastructure such as building management systems, parking facilities, access control and lockers.

About Thing-it

As a company, we are committed to driving the evolution of smart office solutions and shaping the future of work.

Since the launch of our smart building technology, we have completed over 50 projects in Europe and the US with over 70,000 satisfied users in 28 countries.

Our customers include ASML, Deloitte, Drees & Sommer, Hello Fresh, Hypoport, ON AG, Phoenix Contact and more.

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