BlockC Platform

by PTLS Serviços de Tecn. e Assessoria Técnica Ltda.

An innovative platform based on Blockchain technology

BlockC Platform enables the management of greenhouse effect gas emissions by tracking the entire production chain using blockchain technology as the solution core.

With BlockC Platform, companies can have a precise and reliable inventory of their carbon footprint ecosystem, giving them a more robust and effective way to take actions to reduce their carbon footprint. On the other hand, consumers can have a credible and transparent alternative to verify those actions concerning the products and services that they are consuming.

The platform keeps the records and tracks the carbon footprint inventory in a robust and secure mode. The records cover the three greenhouse gas emission scopes, which are: direct emissions from the owned sources, emissions related to the electric energy consumption, and emissions from indirect sources, for example, a transportation service.

The actions taken to compensate for the greenhouse gases can also be tracked on the BlockC Platform. Companies can keep the records of the carbon credits certificates, renewable energy certificates, and other carbon stock, for example, a paper industry forest.

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