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Accelerate Revenue - Make Microsoft Teams your system of engagement for Salesforce, Dynamics, & more

Increase revenue, visibility, and collaboration by sending signals from your CRM ecosystem such as Salesforce, Dynamics, Outreach, Gainsight, Zendesk and more to your Sales and CS teams, providing fast action through Microsoft Teams. Deliver the right information to the right person at exactly the right moment with customized best next actions to optimize productivity without ever leaving Microsoft Teams. 

Your team loses hours each week jumping between systems, figuring out their next assignment. Revenue operations teams and departmental leadership look to Troops to help drive towards their goals and ensure uniformity in the way their workforce is immediately notified about critical changes and takes appropriate action. Troops helps you centralize Microsoft Teams as your system of engagement, driving your operation and leadership team goals through robust productivity gains.

Key Benefits

  • Visibility: Troops notifies you in real time when anything happens that has a material impact on revenue across key systems like Salesforce, Dynamics 365, Gainsight, Outreach, Zendesk, NetSuite and more.
  • Performance: Troops makes it easy for your teams to see and action the right things at the right time, across devices so that teams can perform at the highest level.
  • Productivity: Troops helps customer-facing teams handle routine tasks and actions faster so they can spend more time with customers and prospects.
  • Data Quality: Improve CRM data quality but making it easy to see and update key information across your CRM applications
  • Fast Time to Value: Codeless workflows that are easy to set up, configure and maintain
  • Enterprise-Grade Administration: security, workflow, governance, analytics, and reporting

Key Features

  • Signals & Alerting Inside Microsoft Teams: Troops listens for key events inside your critical business systems and notifies users or channels of important events across your revenue systems inside Microsoft Teams that they can take custom actions on without leaving Teams.
  • Codeless, Two-Way Integration: View and update information between Microsoft Teams and Salesforce (Sales, Marketing, CPQ, Service Cloud), Dynamics 365, Zendesk, Gainsight, HubSpot, JIRA , Outreach, Netsuite - No IT Team required
  • Bulk, Spreadsheet Like Updating With Grid: View and update custom data across all the applications you’ve integrated with the ease of updating in a spreadsheet. Attach to any Troops alert in Teams for driving accountability and compliance

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