CloudAtlas Supervisor

by UnifyCloud LLC

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Monitoring, reporting and management of critical business operations across all Azure subscriptions.

Enterprise-Level Monitoring and Management

Subscription owners have access to detailed reporting of all services related to the cloud subscription settings, security configuration settings, cost settings, and application migration settings and generates recommendations to facilitate optimization, cost and security management, and ensure compliance per Azure standards. Differentiated dashboards for subscription owners and managers facilitate analysis and the ability to forecast and set budgets

Cost Management

Visibility into current costs with recommendations for rightsizing, VM consolidation, and resource usage based on utilization allowing subscription owners to adjust and optimize services to reduce expenses. Turn off or snooze subscription components or Dev and Test environments when not needed.

Security Management

Security dashboards provide insight into security settings, identifying issues based on Azure security center rules as well as industry or enterprise standards, highlighting issue severity with recommendations on how to best resolve security issues to minimize risk ensuring subscription services are safe and secure. Also includes insight into service settings in respect to Microsoft DevOps rules and security standards with recommendations on how to eliminate security issues per those standards.

Compliance Management

Visibility into the compatibility of service settings against Microsoft, or enterprise rules, including the collection and storage of personally identifiable information. Subscription owners can use any industry, national or international standards or create their own rules and baselines based on the needs of the enterprise. 

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