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Interact with visitors on your website with real-time, presence based live web/audio/video chat bot.

Higher customer satisfaction and more sales
uWebChat is designed to integrate with your company website, offering your customer service or sales team a live web chat to interact with visitors on your website. uWebChat hunts for available agents only - if no agent is available your customers can leave a message or ask the automated bot. Your team can directly interact with visitors in any language and provide the answers to questions that visitor might have when searching for information on your website. 

Contactcenter web chat features
When using uWebChat you can create groups per skill/department so the perfectly skilled agents will be selected to answer the conversation. If the agent does not answer, uWebChat will search for the next available agent. Of course; everything you need in a omnichannel contectcenter is available - skill based routing, custom hunt times, servicetimes per group, reporting dashboard, promoting a chat to a call or videomeeting, automated answering by Q&A and more....

Easy to deploy 
uWebChat provides an out-of-the-box web chat button that can easily be embedded on your website or web portal and can be easily customized to match your company branding, directly from uWebChat - no development skills are needed. uWebChat hunts your team members in Microsoft Teams when a visitor on your website or web shop starts a conversation. uWebChat is Teams presence based; if your agent is available in Teams, that agent can receive calls. Not on Teams yet; no problem; the Teams Client can be easily installed for free.

Language settings & realtime translation
uWebChat can be used in any language, you can define default language settings per group and per agent. uWebChat detects the browser language your visitor is using and offers uWebChat in that language. Chats will be automatically and realtime translated and can be archived in the personal OneDrive of the agent.

uWebChat does not store your conversations. Chat conversations can be archived in your OneDrive only. 

This offer is for the uWebChat LICENSE. The
 FREE version of uWebChat needs to be installed first - then the upgrade key (license) can be activated in uWebChat.The free version can be downloaded on

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