Völur Carcass Value Optimization

by Völur

AI software for meat producers to maximize carcass value and ensure optimal use of each animal.

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Völur is a global SaaS company that is on a mission to make the meat industry more optimized and sustainable with data and AI.

The meat value chain is very complex, driven by the vast number of possible cutting and processing combinations for each carcass. That's why it has been challenging to make optimal decisions. This leads to ineffective production, overstocking of materials, and food waste.

With Völur’s solution that combines industry knowledge, data science, and AI technology, it is now possible to use data to improve sorting, cutting, processing planning, and scheduling. The solution creates value through a more profitable balance between supply and demand, increased value by weight of finished products, and higher customer demand satisfaction. In addition, our product has shown up to 10% higher utilization of animals and improved decision-making at strategic, tactical, and operational levels.

Our approach to solving the problem, using machine learning algorithms, is unique to the industry. We provide an optimal decision-making tool, making the meat industry more sustainable and profitable.

Main capabilities:

  • Daily production planning: Optimal sorting, cutting, and processing plans for a given demand.
  • Tactical inventory planning: Enabling the right inventory levels to meet future demand for every product. Connected with daily production plans a year ahead.
  • Sales & Operations Planning: We enable the industry to utilize its data and scale it to different production facilities. Our solution is tailored to our customer’s business goals and constraints.

Benefits we bring:

  • Increased revenue by weight: 3% increased carcass value because of optimized production planning
  • Increased sales: 5% increased sales due to better-met demand
  • Saved time: Save hours on your production planning.
  • Reduced waste: With higher utilization of each carcass, you will reduce waste and contribute to a more sustainable meat industry.

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