QBox | Improve your chatbot training data

by Volume Ltd

Test. Understand. Fix – all in a matter of minutes

QBox helps improve your chatbot’s accuracy, giving you high confidence to deploy.

Common chatbot challenges:

•Reaching the performance level needed for go-live
•Difficulty in bringing high performing and fit for purpose solutions to market
•Determining why chatbot data is underperforming
•Challenges in determining the impact of retraining efforts
•Complexities around scaling (increasing domain knowledge)

•A heavily manual training process


QBox delivers proactive and reactive management by:

•Identifying the weakness in your chatbot
•Demonstrating the model impact at intent, utterance and individual word level
•Helping you to understand how to fix your chatbot
•Enabling you to validate that your fix has worked
•Showing any regressions (before your users see them)

•Reducing time and effort spent training

QBox users have seen their answer accuracy rate rise to 98%

'Our QBox-tuned models are performing 100% better than our models without QBox tuning. QBox has quickly become an essential component of our chatbot development and sustaining efforts.' - Senior Programme Manager, Fortune 500 Company

QBox customers include: Accenture, American Red Cross, AstraZeneca, Bell Canada, Emirates, Finastra, Freenet, Hulu, Nestle, Netapp, Providence, Sky, Verizon, Vodafone.

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