Wipro's Netoxygen Loan Origination Solution (LOS) on SaaS

by Wipro Ltd

Wipro empowering today’s lender with a powerful and innovative, digital origination solution

About Wipro Gallagher Solutions’ (WGS) NetOxygen Loan Origination System (LOS)

Wipro Gallagher Solutions is a Wipro Limited company, focused on fueling the future lender since 1985. Wipro Gallagher Solutions’ digital lending platform NetOxygen LOS helps lenders close more loans at lower costs, with its highly automated, workflow-driven, POS to closing solution, delivering superior borrower and colleague experience. Wipro Gallagher Solutions makes lending simpler, safer, and more profitable to lenders across retail, consumer, wholesale, and correspondent channels.

Key Highlights of Wipro Gallagher Solutions’ (WGS) NetOxygen Loan Origination System (LOS):

  • 2.5 Million per year Loans are processed using NetOxygen platform
  • Observed 40% reduction in close time and 10-12 days closing times achieved in Mortgage loans and consumer loans
  • Observed 8-15% year on year growth in loan origination volume and 33% reduction in origination costs

Key features:

  • Outcome based pricing: Success based pricing including document, imaging, hosting and compliance services
  • OCR (optical character recognition) and ADR (automated document recognition): Automated indexing and management of documents reduces the cycle time and manual errors
  • Communication Services and Support: Lender can communicate the significant events during the loan cycle via SMS & Email and Dedicated support team, account representative and support portal

  • Bulk Import: Batch import of loans and automated correspondent workflow on successful validation

Key Value Proposition:
  • Multi-Channel: Enhanced borrower experience portal for seamless interaction with borrowers from any channel (branch, internet, mobile) both during application intake and after submission
  • Digital Extensions: Seamlessly Integrated NetOxygen Launchpad
  • Scalability: Robust MS Azure based platform handles volume. On-Premise hosting also available
  • Automation: Highly Automated, STP based on loan parameters, including Launchpad POS that auto populates application
  • Faster Go-Live: Rapid deployment, go-live as fast in few weeks/months
  • Configurable product: NetOxygen SaaS allows users to directly configure business rules & pricing etc.
  • Robust Workflow: Out of the box industry best workflow to meet all lender needs

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