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XBert Pty Ltd

Stay a step ahead in business! Detect bookkeeping errors, resolve risk, collaborate, and save money.

XBert is a unique and easy-to-use cloud accounting add-on that integrates seamlessly to notify business owners, managers, and bookkeeping teams of risks before they know the risks exist! XBert syncs every hour with your cloud accounting data, analysing it to automatically detect any human errors, anomalies, and business patterns - plus, it gives the real-time and accurate snapshots of the business’ financial status you always wanted. Stay organised and up-to-date with the XBert collaborative task management tool, save time by not having to search for errors, and save money by reducing financial risk and potential losses. XBert provides peace of mind for business owners so they can focus on the business, and allows finance teams to improve efficiencies, workflows, and add meaningful value for their clients. XBert is like bookkeeping insurance and uses sophisticated algorithms and machine learning to detect errors, anomalies, and patterns that even a trained eye may miss. Stay a step ahead in business and let XBert do the hard work for you. Currently, XBert integrates with Xero using Australian tax rates and has been added to the Xero app marketplace as an approved Add-On Partner. MYOB and Quickbooks integrations are coming soon.