Compass 1.0 - Incentives & Commmissions management platform

by Empuls

All-in-one Commission automation platform that helps companies maximise revenue and drive growth

Xoxoday Compass is a commissions management platform that helps sales-ops teams drive revenue growth using intuitive interface, predictive analytics, real-time performance visibility and gamification capabilities.

The result -

  • Transparent and engaging commission experience

  • On-demand access to error-free performance insights

  • Reduction in incentive processing time,

  • Savings on incentive budgets, and more.

More than 200 organizations around the world use Compass to build a high-performance sales culture through commission automation. Compass works across different industries, supporting different use cases, from banking to financial services, insurance, retail, SaaS, healthcare, hospitality, real estate and more.

At a glance