Zentity Digital Server


ZDS is digital selfcare platform supporting mobile and web solutions.

Zentity Digital Server – secure gateway to a world of mobile devices Zentity Digital Server provides your mobile applications with fast and secure access to core business services. Built using proven technologies offers robust state-of-the-art platform to extend reach of corporate systems beyond company walls. Digital server includes comprehensive set of services from application activation, multi-factor user authentication and authorization, mobile application management to user interface localization or content caching. The modular design ensures excellent scalability and throughput while providing protection of internal systems against overload or malicious attacks. The Digital Server is hardened against OWASP Top-10 vulnerabilities and regularly checked against new cyberattacks vectors. Integral part of Zentity Digital Server is a robust integration layer designed to connect and transform internal system services and interfaces to any front-end channel – regardless it’s a mobile phone, web browser, smart watch or television set. The integration layer also supports stand-alone mode that completely isolates Digital Server from internal applications to ensure system availability during maintenance of internal applications.
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