Content Moderator By Sii

por Sii Sp. z o.o.

Level-up your content with the new smart solution

When you produce a written content within your organization, you can stumble upon some issues with the inappropriate wording or images. Most documents have to be reviewed multiple times before they are published any further. Content Moderator, an application by Sii, is designed to address this kind of obstacles. Using both built-in mechanisms and Microsoft Azure, this tool is able to automatically review documents and images, check them for any blocked elements and share the results, allowing you to create a high quality content. Additionally, built-in OCR capabilities enable you to extract content from the analysed documents and receive an automatic notification regarding any issues found in the process.

Main features:
- Checking documents for inappropriate or offensive content,
- Support for different file types - Image verification,
- Support for multiple languages,
- OCR capabilities,
- E-mail notifications.
- Compatible with MS Power Automate,

What do you gain:
- Average cost of content verification lowered by 30%,
- Average time needed for content verification decreased by 38%,
- The problem of inappropriate content reduced to next to nothing.

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