Aptivio for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement


Real-time opportunity discovery for B2B sales

AptivIO is an Intelligent Orchestrator that automatically generates demand, accurately qualifies leads, uncovers hidden revenue opportunities, and quantifies pipeline risk at a fraction of the current cost and time. Our Plug-and-Play approach to sales process mining enables us to partner with Change Management Consultants to tailor the technology to each client’s product/market via an autonomous and self-service configuration. Our Intelligent Market Monitor systematically detects hidden revenue opportunities and leads most likely to capture white space in new markets ahead of the competition. 

Discover the V2.1 of our application, meant to help you increase your sales revenues in a volatile economic world. The net result is a boost in up to 30% in net new revenue opportunities, and 80% daily active use of CRM.

Our solution is transversal and encompasses many sectors and levels within a company, so different types of user can benefit from it, such as: CRM Vendors, Consulting partners, Sales Representatives, Marketing teams, Sales ops, Data analytics, CEO/Board...

Aptivio meets the needs and demands of our Customers: our users have a massive commission attached to our product (CRM Vendors), and are given a real weapon to reach their customers (Sales Reps). Using Aptivio can help you benefit up to 35% revenue share markup of Cloud service (Consulting Partners), and has a direct impact at creating revenue, which can help justify a marketing budget with a clear ROI calculation (Marketing teams). Our product does not replace the tools you already use, on the contrary, it data-feeds your existing BI (Data Analytics) and it is embedded in your CRM, without disrupting any existing workflow (Sales Ops). Definitely, we can help you win your clients instead of letting them go for the competitors.
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