Arineo Sales Contract Automation

por Arineo GmbH

Power App solution for D365 Sales for Contract Creation Automation

Advantage and benefit

  • Real-time creation of various contracts and documents
  • Use of QM templates
  • Addition of CRM master data

Target group

  • Real-time Erstellung von versAll companies that want to create contracts or documents from CRM data
  • All companies from small to enterprise
  • Can be used internationally


  • Multiselect – Selection of one or more contracts or documents possible
  • Compliance - ensure the use of document templates from the QM center
  • Mobile – of course also executable on mobile devices
  • Storage – storage directly in OneDrive possible
  • Check - Verification of correct email notation
  • Error – error message if the email address is incorrect and/or not maintained
  • Teams Integration – Arineo Sales Contract Automation integrates with Microsoft Teams
  • Design – adjustments to the corporate CI possible

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