Advanced fuzzy duplicate detection and multi-record merging

data8 duplicare™ is an automated de-duplication tool for Microsoft Dynamics 365. It offers real-time advanced duplicate prevention and the ability to merge multiple records, which also has the option to merge all fields too. The tool features a bespoke quick merge feature and also customisable quick merge option to bulk-batch de-duplicate existing records, all within Dynamic 365.

data8 duplicare™ now also introduces a revolutionary global search feature meaning with a few simple clicks you can enable your rules to perform global searchs and apply all the industry leading fuzzy matching logic and find matching records of any type in a way you've never been able to before.

data8 duplicare™ runs on the common data service, meaning you can now introduce all advanced duplicate detection and merging across the Power Platform!

  • Real-time advanced duplicate prevention on entry
    Reduced Requirement for de-dupe runs
  • Multi merge of everything tool
    Merge any field and select different contact details from each record via easy to use UI (based upon the duplicate merging tool offered by Microsoft)
  • Quick merge tool
    Based on predefined rules, you can merge any number of records of any entity with one click
  • Global Search
    Run your rules as a global search and find any existing matching record in your organization
  • Fully integrated on the CDS
    No API development required
  • Easy integration into Microsoft Dynamic CRM or any other Power Platform app
    Simple integration
  • Native to Dynamics
    Simple user adoption without jarring switch to a second application
  • Build-your-own matching rules
    Choose your own rules using an easy to use interface designed around the “Advanced Find” interface
  • Batch processing once rules have been validated and tested
    Quick and automatic removal of duplicates
  • Deduplication/merge of custom entities
    Extends beyond the existing account/ contact/ lead/ case entities only
  • Merging of ‘ghost’ (unsaved) records
    Unsaved records can be merged without losing data entry
  • Address standardization
    Addresses are formatted and validated automatically
  • Phone number formatting
    Customizable phone formatting based on preference (international or national formatting)
  • Strong fuzzy logic matching
    Greater capture of duplicates
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