ProHashtag - use keywords to tag CRM records in Dynamics 365 and create dynamic marketing lists

Until now, segmenting your CRM records was only possible by creating marketing lists based on standard fields. For any individual segmentation you had to customize specific fields. With ProHashTag, you can now categorize your CRM records without programming by using HashTags, that can be freely defined by your organisation. Based on one or multiple HashTags, you can quickly and easily create dynamic marketing lists. It has never been easier to reach out to your target group!

Create your specific Hashtags to tag leads, contacts or accounts. Other entities, such as opportunities, service inquiries, products or any other entity can also be tagged. This means, you can add HashTags to every CRM record you want to.
It’s easy to see, which other records are tagged with the same HashTag. Finally, you can create dynamic marketing lists based on one or multiple HashTags.
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