SMART HCM & LMS a solution for hiring, managing, learning, developing, and evaluating employees.


– a solution for effective human capital management, which combines Dynamics 365 and artificial intelligence technologies for hiring, managing, learning, developing, and evaluating employees.

The SMART HCM & LMS system automates HR processes helping to build a strong team and provide each employee with the necessary attention and care. By nurturing and maintaining employee loyalty, the company constantly raises the level of its HR brand, thus increasing the team effectiveness and reducing the risks of staff loss.


  • The cost of attracting and training a new employee exceeds the cost of its retention
  • The company incurs losses for the period of replacement search
  • Understanding the real reasons for the dismissal of employees
  • Lack of reports on the results of assessments and training
  • The need for a history of results by employee​
  • Lack of a single and unified database of employees
  • ✔️ RESULTS

  • Streamlined personnel-administration processes​
  • Increased staff engagement​
  • Reduced time spent on evaluation procedures​
  • Reduced delivering time of training​
  • Recurrent feedback​​
  • Staff turnover reduction​
  • Possibility of predictive influence on retention​​
  • ✔️ MODULES

  • Staff recruitment
  • Working with employees​
  • Event management​​
  • E-learning​
  • Skills and competences development
  • Gamification​
  • Employee assessments
  • Product AI features​

  • Native TEAMS Application
  • Web Portal
  • Web Portal Mobile ​​
  • Chat Bot Telegram, TEAMS, Facebook

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