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Effortlessly Create Dynamic Templates and Assets.

A Simple Way to Create Data Rich Document and Presentation Templates Across Microsoft 365!

Are you finding it challenging to create personalized and automated templates that everyone in your organization can use? Does it feel like a slow process to choose the right brand, location, contact person, recipient, or signature details for your documents and presentations?

The Designer offers a straightforward and intuitive way for power-users to craft data-rich document and presentation templates. With just a few clicks, you can create documents and presentations with the necessary brand, office location, contact person, recipient, signature details, and more, making sure each user has the templates and assets they need.

This product makes it easy to create templates that adhere to your organization's brand guidelines while providing you the freedom to link any SharePoint list, user information or custom external list into the template, ensuring everything is consistent and personalized across your organization.

Key Benefits

  • Simplifying Designing Templates: An easy-to-use interface lets you quickly create personalized, data-rich templates.
  • Save Time and Maintain Consistency: Automate the selection of important details like brand, office location, and contact person.
  • Template Customization: Create reusable templates that fit right into any department or division, across all platforms.

With the Designer, making personalized templates that fit your organization's needs becomes a simpler, faster process. This means more time for you to focus on your work, with the assurance that your documents and presentations always meet your organization's standards and branded communication guidelines.

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About Us: officeatwork has been recognized with multiple Microsoft awards, establishing it as a leader in offering SaaS based Document Creation and Content Management Software Solution for Microsoft 365. By choosing officeatwork, you're joining thousands of organizations and millions of people globally in streamlining work, improving productivity and empowering your organization's branded communication within Microsoft 365.

Requirements: This product requires a Microsoft 365 Work or School account but is also available for Personal Microsoft accounts for free.

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