CloudExtend Outlook for NetSuite ("Built for NetSuite" certified)

Celigo CloudExtend

Sync emails and calendar events from Outlook to NetSuite. Create and View NetSuite records.

CloudExtend helps your NetSuite users see important email communications directly in NetSuite on the relevant records.

Users choose which emails are important enough for NetSuite users to see and can attach them to the native NetSuite messages record thus keeping both systems in sync.

Users can also attach their Outlook events to NetSuite records.

Key Features :

  • Attach mails from Outlook to NetSuite Records while viewing/composing an email.
  • Attach calendar events from Outlook to NetSuite Records.
  • Automatically fetches the NetSuite contact records based on sender/recipient Email Ids.
  • Search and view NetSuite records in Outlook Mailbox.
  • Create net new NetSuite records directly from Outlook inbox.
  • Works Outlook on Mac, Windows, iOS & Android.
  • Secure and respects your NetSuite roles


Following are the minimum requirements for CloudExtend Add-in to work with your NetSuite data from Outlook

  • You should have access to a valid NetSuite Production Account. If you do not have a NetSuite account, visit, and click on 'Free Product Tour'.
  • Role selected in the CloudExtend Add-in should have the Web Services permissions enabled
  • Selected role should have permissions to View/Create/Update NetSuite records via Web Services
  • Users will be required to login into Add-in using their NetSuite Production Account credentials


Capacidades del complemento
Cuando se usa este complemento:
  • Puede enviar datos por Internet.
  • Este complemento puede leer o modificar el contenido de cualquier elemento del buzón y crear elementos nuevos. También puede obtener acceso a información personal (cuerpo, asunto, remitente, destinatarios o datos adjuntos) de cualquier mensaje o elemento de calendario. Puede que el complemento envíe estos datos a servicios de terceros.
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