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Talla Brings AI-Powered Automation to Service and Support Teams.

Talla is an AI-Powered Automation Platform. Talla automates workflows, answers common questions and makes content actionable. Talla helps Support and Sales teams:

Increase rep productivity and automate workflows

Improve customer satisfaction and rep productivity by automating workflows and have Talla answer common support questions within team channels or individually. Talla will ensure your support information is always up-to-date and accurate without ever having to leave teams.

Identify and eliminate knowledge gaps

Know what you don’t know. Find out what customers or reps are asking that you’re not answering. When information doesn’t already exist to answer a support ticket, Talla will orchestrate a workflow to uncover and eliminate the knowledge gap. Once a gap is closed the response is returned automatically to the user via Teams and/or their preferred chat interface or web app.

Answer more, search less

Get answers immediately in Teams. Have a question, just ask Talla. Talla reasons about your Knowledge Base content whether messy or well-formed, and gives you precise answers to user requests. This means faster response times and better user experience. Talla takes out the uncertainty leading to faster response times and greater user experience.

Work where you need to

Talla allows Support and Sales teams to stop switching between multiple tools. Use Talla to find answers where you are, whether it be Teams or other Web Apps.

Teams and Talla are Better Together

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