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Presentations AI

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Presentations.AI is a smart tool with best design practices to create amazing presentations.

Creating impactful presentations is difficult - it takes time and design skills. But it doesn't have to be that way.

At Presentations.AI, we have rebuilt presentations from the ground up to help you design jaw-dropping presentations with zero effort.

We designed Presentations.AI to give you more time to the things that matter most. Presentations.AI is the only smart presentation tool that uses the latest advances in technology coupled with best design practices to let you create amazing presentations effortlessly.

With Presentations.AI, you can save time, effort, and precious mental bandwidth - create presentations in minutes rather than hours or days!

With Presentations.AI, you can watch stunningly beautiful visual stories take shape, aided by technology that magically handles fonts, animation, and image layout — zero cognitive overload.

With simple, intuitive controls, automated design features, and a wide palette of themes, Presentations.AI allows you to customize your presentation in several unique and cinematic manners.

With a large number of situation-specific themes and quick-start assets to combine, you can change your designs as many times as you like without disrupting your flow of thoughts. Presentations.AI helps you build your presentation with zero design effort.

Founders, marketers, sales folks, educators, doctors - Presentations.AI is for anybody who wants to build compelling presentations.

Sharing presentations on Presentations.AI is simple - you can share a presentation with just one click. You can view the shared presentation on any platform. Presentations.AI also lets you embed your presentation on any landing page. And if you wish to have a local version on your Mac or PC, you can export the presentation to a .PPT or PDF format.

Further, Presentations.AI also enables you to track the presentations you've sent.

Create amazing presentations in half the time with absolutely no design inputs — all at the touch of a button.

The app has limited support in Edge browser. In order to use the app you need to have an active presentation AI account.

If you' need help building decks, refer to our help guide

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