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This Fuzzy Lookup add-in for excel allows user to perform fuzzy lookup and Fuzzy match up on excel

This fuzzy lookup for excel add-in allows for similarity text matching that allows you to perform fuzzy lookup and Fuzzy match up on excel.

The excel add-in works for both exact VLOOKUP as well as approximate match VLOOKUP.

To use the add-on you need an active subscription from the link on the Excel add-in side bar.

Excel Fuzzy Lookup Add-In is used to match similar, but not exactly matching data. This function is often used instead of VLOOKUP, when we want to compare two columns which have very similar data, but not exactly the same. As an output, Fuzzy Lookup returns a table of matched similar data in the chosen column.

In daily data manipulation, there is a common need to compare two same data sets where one of them comes from some external source and can be misspelled or typed incorrectly.

With the help of these add-in, you will see how to install Fuzzy Lookup Add-In, prepare data and create a Fuzzy Lookup, which can be very useful in data consolidation and save a lot of time.

The add-in works on mac book computers and uses more advanced algorithms.

It uses the Fuzzy String Matching algorithm to find the best matches for a given search term. It can also be used to find similar names to a given name, or to find the name of a person with a given name.

The tool can also be used for fuzzy matches in smart Lead distribution and management Software such as Lead angel and lean data for Lead assignment Rules.

The fuzzy lookup for excel add-in works well with no-code app building tools such as airtable, Zapier, Integromat, notion app Glide and Carrd.

Some of the additional features that the addon can perform are as listed below:

VLOOKUP with text

compare names similarity in excel sheets

VLOOKUP text contains

Compare address and names similarity

VLOOKUP approximate match text

VLOOKUP if cell contains a word within

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