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View team availability and contact in one click

Tired of wasting time trying to track down your colleagues?

Want to know who is available right now or busy in a meeting?

**One place to see your entire team’s availability in real-time** with Team Board In/Out Status List -Your team’s status directory. Perfect for improving communication, productivity, and transparency within your organization.

**How it works?**

**Team visibility:** See who is in the office, working remotely, or unavailable

**Quick contact:** Group messaging, call, or video call from within the dashboard

**Search:** Search for teammates by name, availability, or status keywords

**Why choose Team Board In/Out Status List for Microsoft Teams?**

**Mobile friendly:** Access the dashboard anytime, anywhere at your fingertips

**One-Time install:** Install the app once and everyone in the team gets access

**Cost-effective:** It’s FREE for up to 10 users! Pay as low as $0.5 per user/month for the premium version

**Why Avista?**

Avista, makers of Team Board In/Out Status List, offer products that help you build healthy workplace connections.

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