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Plan, roadmap and time shedule phases and milestones. Visual by ADWISE.

The most flexible and the most comprehensible visual for reporting plans, schedules and roadmaps. Clearly presents your project, product or campaign plans, or plans of whatever else that can be time-scheduled. Present your phases as well as key milestones. All in a one-page view. It doesn't matter how long period of time you need to show, or what you want to put focus on. Almost one hundred settings will adjust the graphics to your presentation and your company design needs.

Now, much wanted zoom/scroll functionality added.

New version 2.0 includes:

▪ Zoom functionality - now you can zoom your RoadMap to see more details or fit larger datasets - you can set the zoom by button (+/-) or by percentage - both horizontally a vertically

▪ Scrolling - once your RoadMap does not fit into visual area (e.g. when zooming), scroll bars appear

▪ Fixed height of rows - you can set up fixed height of rows, thus the rows remains the same when you filtering, adding more data etc.

▪ Progress bars - you can show progress within the bar - it is based on the Value field

▪ Bars - different types of edges/corners (square or rounded) to better suit your graphical preference

▪ Left axis - right/left label alignment and text wrapping

▪ Standard Power BI font added - Segoe UI

▪ Bug fixing

See full change log on our website:

This visual offers in-app purchases and comes with 30 days free trial version. We want you to have full experience of our visual during trial period, so all features are accessible in trial version. You can use basic functionality without watermark.

Licensing and pricing plans can be found in our FAQs:

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