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Connect all your Salesforce data

Ever wanted to get all your Salesforce data into Power BI?

If your answer is yes, this dashboard is for you.

As a prerequisite to getting started you’ll need access to Salesforce. Please make sure that you have the necessary user rights to install an external app.

This reports pulls the following objects and fields:

  • Account
    • account_id
    • account_industry
  • Lead
    • lead_id
    • lead_is_converted
  • Contact
    • contact_firstname
    • contact_lastname
    • contact_email
    • contact_department
    • contact_phone
    • contact_mailingcountry
  • Task
    • task_id
  • Opportunity
    • opportunity_account_id
    • opportunity_amount
    • opportunity_stage_name
    • opportunity_is_won
    • opportunity_last_activity_date
    • opportunity_close_date
    • opportunity_created_date,
  • Campaign
    • campaign_id
    • campaign_budgeted_cost
    • campaign_expected_revenue
    • campaign_name
    • campaign_number_of_converted_leads
    • campaign_number_of_leads
    • campaign_end_date

The template has 3 report pages, Report, Overview, and Funnel, and can be customized with additional fields available on an object level.

*Try all data sources for free for 30 days. After the trial period, a purchase will be required.

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