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JoinFarm is the best smart agriculture solution, making your farm management digital , standardized.

-建構於Microsoft Azure之雲端SaaS服務
-提供網頁版本與行動版 Android 與 iOS 雙平台
-資安管理採用 Acunetix(Web Application Security Scanner),以符合OWASP Top 10為資訊安全基準
-日本土壤感測器:提供溫度、濕度、Bulk & Pore EC

[JoinFarm-Smart Agriculture Production Management System]
-SaaS service based on Microsoft Azure cloud service.
-Provides website version and mobile app on Android & iOS.
-Product service level agreement (SLA) reaches 99.95%.
-Adopts Acunetix (Web Application Security Scanner) to compliant with OWASP Top 10 for Information Security Benchmarks.
[Micro-Weather Sensor]
-Mainboard and wireless communication technology, choosing from one of the following: 3G, 4G, Cat-M1, LoRa, Wi-Fi.
-Power system: 5V lithium battery with optional solar panel.
-SD card (128MB): provides offline data temporary storage mechanism, data uploaded when reconnecting.
-Atmospheric Sensor: includes temperature, relative humidity, dew point temperature.
-Japanese high-precision soil sensor: includes temperature, humidity, bulk & pore EC.

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