Drawboard Projects (formerly Bullclip)


Drawboard Projects (formerly Bullclip) is a collaborative markup application for drawing review.

Collaboration only happens when communication is easy for everyone involved in the design review process.

Eliminate design coordination entirely; Drawboard Projects (formerly Bullclip) makes it easy to mark up in real-time, discuss changes and assign feedback to your team on top of every drawing revision.

Drawboard Projects makes it easy for anyone to mark up, discuss and create issues:

- Every drawing becomes a real-time workspace

- Guest Access for external partners to review drawings

- Feels like pen and paper

- pressure-sensitive ink on Windows 10 and iOS

- Access anywhere in your web browser, or in the Windows 10 and iOS apps

- Easy document management with tags, automatic versioning and integrations

- Project activity feed to see the latest activity across your project For more information, visit

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