Honeywell Forge for Industrials | Asset Performance Management

por Honeywell - US

Exceed Asset Reliability Goals

Drive enterprise-level asset reliability with native cloud solutions.

Leveraging the power, speed, and scale of Microsoft Azure, Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Industrials | Asset Performance is an enterprise-grade, cloud-based, real-time machinery and analytics solution. It continuously monitors asset and process performance, detects impending health issues, and helps drive continuous improvement. It is your next generation Honeywell solution reimagined to deliver end-to-end asset reliability.

Honeywell Forge Performance+ Asset Performance takes enterprise reliability to a whole new level
delivering key business outcomes like:

  • IMPROVE ASSET EFFICIENCY - Gain visibility into performance, performance advisories and improve overall operating conditions.
  • IMPROVE ENERGY EFFICIENCY - Achieve your energy efficiency KPIs
  • EXTEND ASSET LIFE - With integrity monitoring, you'll operate within design limits and leverage condition based maintenance deferrals.
  • REDUCE UNPLANNED DOWNTIME - Leverage the power of predictive analytics for early detection, and actionable insights.k
  • REDUCE MAINTENANCE COST - Avoid reactive maintenance and stay ahead of issues before they effect your business.

Honeywell Forge Performance+ for Industrials | Asset Performance combines decades of domain expertise to deliver an end-to-end

approach to optimizing and maximizing your enterprise-wide asset reliability.

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