Irion GDPR Suite


Irion complete solution to manage both GDPR intrinsic complexity and overall privacy legislation

Irion offers a complete and organized module solution to guide you towards optimal regulatory compliance path to mange both the GDPR intrinsic complexity and overall privacy legislation, which in addition to the GDPR includes - for example - provisions of Guarantor Authority, residual parts of the Privacy Code and laws that interact with these issues, both national (eg telemarketing) and European.

The right GDPR privacy management to guarantee long-term compliance: this implies a flexible system able to adapt to both business as well a legislative changes. Therefore, be it from the point of view of the processing activities active subject and that of the person performing the checks, it is very important to have the support of an tool capable of showing simultaneous involvement of the various entities (processing activities, security measures, personal data) to different sets and with different degrees of involvement for effective support in the implementation of requirements in their continuous management in related compliance verification.

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