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MailGuard 365 – Last line email security for O365

MailGuard Pty Limited

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One click can devastate your business.
Microsoft Office 365 users are prime targets for cybercriminals, with nine out of 10 cyber-attacks delivered by email. MailGuard 365 re-scans your email, keeping your business safe. Watch the threats that are being stopped throughout your trial in your daily email reports, and in your dashboard.

  • Stops criminal intent emails: Re-scans emails, stopping dangerous threats like phishing, spear phishing, ransomware and CEO fraud (BEC).
  • Evidence-based reporting: Unique ‘last line’ implementation, means MailGuard 365 is the last to inspect email when it reaches an inbox, allowing evidence-based reporting that demonstrates its stopping power, and complementing upstream security services like the Microsoft 365 security stack and any third-party email security vendors.
  • Single-click activation: Activated with your Microsoft tenant ID (Directory ID), getting started is easy, with MailGuard 365 protection stopping advanced email threats immediately.
  • No end-user training: Easy for users, MailGuard 365 works in stealth within the native Office 365 environment, moving threats to the user’s junk folder, meaning there is no additional training required. It makes life simple for IT admins too, with no set-up headaches or journaling to configure.

Experts agree that a multi-layered approach to email security is required.
Gartner reports that ‘35% of client organizations that move to Office 365 are supplementing its natively available email security capabilities with a third-party product.’ MailGuard 365 allows organizations to take advantage of upstream solutions, with the added power of a specialist email solution re-scanning email as a last line of defence.

Better together.
MailGuard 365 was built by MailGuard with the team at Microsoft to specifically protect Office 365 users. It combines 18+ years of specialized email security expertise from MailGuard, with the best of Microsoft Azure, and is exclusive to the Microsoft marketplace.

Non-profit, education and government sector organizations may be eligible for special pricing. To find out more contact our team at

“I am absolutely ecstatic to see your continued growth and success! I love the innovation in your product and the results you are finding. I look forward to continuing to support your growth and innovation.”

Gavriella Schuster, Corporate Vice President, OCP – Microsoft