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Integrated software solutions to help drive business and IT transformation

HOPEX is our comprehensive lineup of integrated software solutions bringing together industry-leading practices in enterprise architecture, privacy and data management, business process analysis, and risk management (GRC) into a single platform.

These fully integrated solutions give you an interactive view of your business, help you understand the impact of change, and streamline your digital transformation efforts.

With our HOPEX solutions, you can:

  • Align customer journeys, processes and business capabilities to strategic objectives, and tackle continuous market changes
  • Rationalize the IT landscape and prioritize IT projects based on digital strategy, so IT is totally integrated to the business
  • Provide traceability from the business glossary and data dictionary to applications, and provide transparence to regulatory bodies
  • Manage compliance to privacy laws including GDPR
  • Understand the business context of risks, and enable a company-wide risk culture

Whether you are an enterprise architect, a risk manager, a chief data officer or a data protection officer, the HOPEX platform provides you with a personalized desktop based on your specific needs.

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