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Zonifero - Digital Office Management System

Zonifero Workplace – a mobile app for supporting processes, which occur in offices. Manage your office smart, optimize costs related to services and space, and increase the comfort of work with just one system.
Room Booking

Zonifero WorkPlace supports meeting rooms booking. Reservations can be made from the smartphone, tablet in front of the room or directly from the calendar in Office365.


The ability to book shared desks means more efficient use of office space. The solution is also helpful for organizations where employees do not have a clearly defined location and can change it every day.


The IoT sensors integrated with the reservation system can help effective use space in your office, save time and improve all processes dedicated to conference rooms and hot-desks.

Status of employees

One-click status check makes it easy to know where your employees are. Zonifero business can prompt users to specify on login whether they are working in the office, are available remotely, on business trip-or not available.

Request Management

Communicate issues or requests directly to people responsible for a specific facility, area or service. Adding tasks has never been so easy - take a picture, add a quick description and chose the right topic. You can control the whole process solving your issue and chat with the direct person.

Office Map

Interactive floor plans instantly reveal the location of rooms, printers, allocated desk and offices, kitchen, toilets and more. Easy to configure and clear map view even for large and complex surfaces. Thanks to the maps module you can find faster an unoccupied conference room, hot-desk or parking spot.

Parking spots

A registry with full information regarding the parking slots? Yes, we have it! Algorithm assign parking slots day before based on groups and type of parking. Just click one button and after a while, you receive information which slot is for you. You can check this on the map too.


Share important updates with employees and guests. A simple way to keep colleagues informed, safe and well-equipped by instant notifications to all or selected users. You can also create a notification schedule to manage all messages in your company.


Zonifero is integrated with Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 calendars. These are the most commonly used systems in companies and corporations so that you will be immediately connected to the platform used in your company


Zonifero automatically set language depends on the language set on your mobile phone. Currently, Zonifero translated on Polish, English, French, and Swedish.

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