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Modern Charts

Mzamose Holdings

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Create effective reports and presentations using infographic charts!

Modern Charts is a visualization tool that empowers people to create beautiful, effective and memorable infographic charts for reports, presentations and even dashboards! One can create over 40+( and still growing) different infographic charts! You can create infographic charts, such as BUILDINGS, TREES, BATTERY, BOOKS, and MANY MORE!

Using infographic charts will let people understand you message quicker and better and make it more memorable!

Key Features:

  • A comprehensive infographic charts library;
  • #HEX color input option;
  • Backgrounds options;
  • Add Average lines on your charts;
  • % Growth between 2 data points;
  • Transpose data on chart; and
  • Add source of data for correct interpretation;

See our infographic charts studio on our website:

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