Team Papers

Pervasent Software Inc.

Team Papers integrates with Microsoft Teams to make meetings easy and paperless.

For a limited time: first 20 Microsoft Teams-only users are FREE.

Please contact Pervasent to enable all Team Papers features and obtain training, support, and documentation.

Team Papers integrates into Microsoft Teams with a book-like app to make meetings easy and paperless. Agendas and documents are assembled and downloaded from Teams to meeting attendees' iPads, laptop and mobile devices for anytime on and offline access. You literally have all the documents for all your meetings in one hand.

Team Papers is perfect for your executive and project teams. Using the Team Papers app, documents for any meeting are never more than two taps away. Pen, highlighter and text note tools let users mark-up documents, add private notes and electronically sign pages. Votes are cast with a single click. Participants come to meetings prepared, and that means shorter, and more effective meetings.

Team Papers builds on Pervasent's many years of experience providing our SharePoint-based Board Papers solution. Every day, Board Papers is used by large and small organizations in over 30 countries to deliver electronic board books and meeting packs for board and management meetings.

Team Papers is built completely using the Microsoft cloud platform, leveraging Office 365, Teams, SharePoint and Azure. All data is stored in an organization's O365 tenancy, ensuring that you retain complete control of your sensitive data at all times.

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