SYSTRAN Translator for Word, Excel and PowerPoint

por Systran SAS

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Select text and get instant translation in the language of your choice using SYSTRAN Translation.

SYSTRAN Translator performs translations of your documents and dictionary lookups and will get the translation securely using SYSTRAN Translate PRO or a SYSTRAN Pure Neural® Server

The add-in will be installed on your application ribbon to:

Translate documents in Word.

Translate presentations in Power Point.

Translate spreadsheets in Excel.

If you have a SYSTRAN Translate PRO subscription, you can use your login and password for the connection, you will translate your works in more than 55 languages and 140 language combination.

Get a SYSTRAN Translate PRO subscription:

If you are using a SYSTRAN Pure Neural® Server authentication, you will need to define your server installation that will be precise by your server administrator then using your login and password. You will have access to the languages and profiles defined by your SYSTRAN Pure Neural® Server (

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