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Examus proctoring service


Examus — emotional intelligence for any online service

Examus is extremely flexible and cost effective online proctoring service and tool for measurement of learner’s engagement which closes the gap between in-campus and online education. Educational Institutions want to scale using online technologies while maintaining high standard of education, but facing huge differences between in-campus and online education. Why customers use Examus: -It's the most flexible solution, providing about 30 types of proctoring -Examus works over low bandwidth and provides a reliable approach for learners wherever they are -Smooth integration with customer’s infrastructure -The cost is up to 5 times less than other proctoring solutions Flexibility: -30 types of proctoring -smooth integration -applicable for any type of customer – university, -MOOC, corporate education Cost-efficiency algorithms allow teachers to process records 2-3 times faster proctor can monitor up to 9 students simultaneously data processing requires up to 50% less computing resources Breakthrough technologies operate with any Internet connection detecting more than 10 types of suspicious events advanced fast facial recognition & identification Success story: 99,7% user satisfaction Customer pays 3-5 times less for service 98% accuracy