MCA Connect Inspire Platform™ - Modern Manufacturing Analytics Platform

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Consolidate your data, optimize it for analytics, and make better, more timely decisions.

Be data inspired.

MCA Connect Inspire Platform™ is a modern analytics platform designed especially for manufacturing. This subscription-based IP provides self-service business intelligence and unlocks the value of your data to inspire innovation.

Leveraging cloud-based Microsoft Azure technology, Inspire Platform empowers manufacturers to:

  • Improve visibility by consolidating data in the cloud

  • Make faster, smarter decisions with real-time analytics

  • Boost operational efficiency by optimizing and automating processes

  • Drive profitability with advanced decision-making

  • Uncover insights with self-service analytics and out-of-the-box reporting on industry-standard KPIs.

Built for continuous improvement, Inspire Platform ensures manufacturers benefit from a data platform that is always up to date.

Inspire makes it easy to integrate with evolving Microsoft technologies like Fabric and Copilot, enabling manufacturers to leverage the latest innovations. It’s also easy to customize, offering integration capabilities within multiple data sources and insights and reports tailored to your business.

What you get with MCA Connect Inspire Platform™

  • A foundation for predictive analytics optimized for Dynamics 365

  • All your enterprise data, all in one place

  • Immediate insights to help drive faster, smarter decisions

  • Visibility into past performance and forecasted results

  • Ongoing enhancements and support from a team of industry experts

Manufacturers can implement Inspire Platform in weeks without disruption. Integration with Dynamics 365 Finance and Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management is included out-of-the-box.

Unlock the value of your enterprise data and inspire new perspectives with MCA Connect Inspire Platform™.