The sporting world provides a complex environment where staff, administrators and board members are expected to manage relationships from a diverse range of stakeholders. Plus the requirement to manage this information in a global environment and you can see that a targeted Microsoft Dynamics 365 solution is required.

SportsRM is delivered as part of the Microsoft Business Applications ISV Program-where we co-sell to a global customer base with a focus on repeatability. This technology platform enables developments in:

  • Sports Organisations - all sports clubs with a need to manage events, deliver activations and digital inventory through to fulfilment of entitlements, tickets etc. will benefit from this solution.
  • Venues - engage deeper with charge cards used throughout the venue, seamless and enhanced client experiences and insights to identify additional revenue streams.
  • Governing Bodies - no more spreadsheets to manage participants, program registrations, office holders from associations and clubs, volunteers etc.
  • Sponsors - commercial organisations managing multiple corporate agreements that can include events, game-day activations, signage etc. can now be managed with approvals for allocation and management of the guest experience.

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