OEE CONNECT + Voice of the Operator

avaldaja MCA Connect

Combine IoT and Manufacturing Intelligence to improve OEE and gain better shop floor insights.

While analytics from your ERP system are excellent for providing insight about what happened during a problem, with IoT, your technicians can provide clarity about why it happened. Adding MCA Connect’s OEE CONNECT to your shop floor will give you human context – at a scalable level.

OEE CONNECT, including OEE + Voice of the Operator, is a shop floor manufacturing solution that easily tracks and measures OEE, collects and manages machine data, helps you better understand equipment health and performance, and delivers more accurate shop floor insights. While IoT and Machine Learning can alert you to a problem on the shop floor before it arises, Voice of the Operator can close the feedback loop by asking the operator to confirm and troubleshoot an identified problem via a Power App.