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SmartCharts for Excel (Task Pane)

DEVSCOPE-Soluções Sistemas Tecnologias Informação

3.8 (177)

Instant analytics & business intelligence for Excel

*Note: Additional purchase may be required. This app version of SmartCharts *is not free* and requires proper license to be fully enabled after trial period. Please visit DevScope AppStore to know more.

This version of SmartCharts runs as a Task Pane in Excel. SmartCharts is also available in Content mode (insertable shape).

Instant analytics & business intelligence for Excel

Quickly discover trends, patterns & data insights with this easy to use analytic app.

Just point to any Excel table to see what stories your data can tell you.

Highlighted features:

  • Watch your data over time using Play mode *new*
  • Random Chart
  • Stacked Area Chart
  • Bubble Charts with trends
  • Pie Charts
  • Tree Map Charts
  • Trend Charts (all or by category)
  • Multi charts (all measures)
  • Weekday charts
  • Time/hour of day charts
  • Automatic date/time handling
  • Automatic chart suggestions
  • Filterable through Excel filters

SmartCharts is a Data Discovery tool for Excel, & part of DevScope DataInsights platform

For more information, visit us at:

  • http://www.devscope.net
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